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Supporting reproductive, gut, and environmental health using herbal medicine and wholefood nutrition.

About Sam Smith from Smith & Co Naturopathic Medicine, Perth.

Welcome to Smith & Co Naturopathic Medicine

Hi. I’m Sam, a consulting naturopath in private practice in Perth, Western Australia.

I have been in practice since 2008 and in addition to my naturopathic qualifications, I have a Bachelor of Environmental Science and a Master's degree in Women's Health Care.

What I do


Naturopathic healthcare is preventative medicine. It is a philosophy and a framework to assess a person’s health, taking into consideration ones physical, social and psychological influences.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the use of botanical material in a raw or modified state, to exert a therapeutic benefit. There is a strong emerging evidence base for botanical medicines and Smith & Co has a strong focus on individualised herbal preparations.

Wholefood Nutrition

Smith & Co is focused on the use of wholefoods to simplify the decisions you make about what you put into your body and capitalise on the characteristics that certain foods have, to improve one’s health

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During your initial consultation I will get to know you better through case-taking, investigations and assessment.


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Continuity of care

Your health is important to me. We'll arrange for ongoing review consultations and adjust your treatment plan along the way.